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Happy with just basic comforts in a beautiful natural setting? Come and stay at Matilda! Here you have no flush toilet and no shower; instead, you have a traditional wood-burning sauna for bathing and a clear blue lake for dipping in.

Matilda greets you with a soothing sight of birch trees shaped by the wind with their branches drooping over the lake. Just relax on your own wooden terrace and enjoy the view at any time. Wild blueberries grow in Matilda’s yard, ready for picking from late July to August. And a cute songbird is known to live by the front door.

The kitchen is equipped with hot and cold running water. Matilda has a composting toilet with separate entrance from outside.


sleeps 2+4
Built in the 1950’s, kitchen renovated in 2008

Available for rent from 1 May to 30 September


  • Bedroom
  • Living-room
  • TV, radio
  • Kitchen
  • Traditional wood-burning sauna
  • Composting toilet


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