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Our charming log cottages Aaretti and Olivia have served as summer houses ever since the 1930’s. Lovingly renovated and equipped with modern conveniences, these romantic cottages have preserved their warm, old-time atmosphere. Aaretti and Olivia are located side by side amidst verdant woods with spacious yards of their own. In late July, you might be lucky enough to find wild blueberries growing nearby. Both cottages have their private little swimming places and row boats down by the lake a short walk away.

Aaretti and Olivia with their cosy interiors welcome visitors all year round. Come and forget the everyday hustle and bustle and take time to enjoy a good meal with family or friends and pamper yourself with a soothing sauna bath after a day outdoors! The cottages also make a great place for small business retreats.

sleeps 4+6

Built in 1933, renovated in 2006


  • 2 bedrooms
  • Living- room
  • 2 TVs, DVD-player, internet access, radio
  • Fireplace
  • Utility room
  • Kitchen
  • Electric sauna
  • Toilet


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