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Genuine summer cottage atmosphere

Idillyc Aukusti is an old log cabin with geraniums on its windowsills. It is an old farmer’s family cottage more than one hundred years old. Its proper roof has served the house well. With the lately renovation it is nowadays a great summer cottage for those who love peace and old style.

There is no more wooden cow shed in the yard but a barrel shaped sauna instead. Sitting on its terrace you can enjoy a view of grain fields waved by the wind. And find out that there is nobody else nearby.

The brook flowing behind the cottage has formed quite a deep canyon taking its sand into lake Vesijärvi a year after another. The nearest beach can be easily reached by bike, it is only 6 km away. Kota (a Lapp hut) and a small cottage are at your disposal at the beach.


2 + 4 people
Built in the 1920’s, renovated in 2011

Available for rent during the period from May 1 to September 30.


  • Bedroom
  • Living-room
  • TV, radio
  • Kitchen
  • Traditional wood- burning sauna
  • Composting toilet


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